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Mentoring started with our new group - Sept 2018

We have recently started working with a group of boys from Acland Burghley School, Camden and a group of girls from Islington.  More details to follow…

What We Have Achieved

Our mentoring scheme is in its sixth year of operation and we continue to build on our learning and adapt the course to meet the needs of our young people within our funding constraints.

Our mentoring provides knowledge and skills to our service users, but also socialisation and personal support to facilitate success at school and beyond. The benefits of our mentoring has seen;

  • an improvement in school grades
  • successful diversion away from joining local gangs.
  • an improvement in behaviour inside and outside of school.
  • an improvement in attitude towards parent(s) at home.
  • our former Mentees have gone on to attend college, with improved social and emotional development and increased self-esteem.

What We Are Currently Doing

During 2017 we have been mentoring a group of young people from Islington that are geographically linked to the Red Pitch and Essex Road gangs. They are seen as ‘at risk’ for several factors meaning that they were referred to our scheme.

We have worked with them this year to improve their attitude and behaviour and seen them undertake many challenges we have set. They have individually been given SMART objectives for them to achieve and this has been successful overall. They have participated in the activities that we have run and this has been the helpful draw that encouraged them to keep at it when times got tough.

We will be looking for more Mentees and also for Volunteer Mentors when we start the next round in early 2018. If you can help or wish to make a referral then contact us via e-mail at

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