YES Outdoors - Helping young people in Inner London. Using various activities to improve social cohesion to improve young peoples lives.

Pathways to Leadership Project

Focusing on young people from Camden who would benefit from this challenging one year course.

Seeing them undertake various challenges both in nature and in their own communities.

The Social Action part of the programme will see them learn more about how they can participate in their own community and help others.

Guardian Project

The Guardian Project is helping the most vulnerable young people within our community. Through targeted one-to-one support they are being given the support they need to make better life choices

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Great work from my youth engagement colleagues. @MPSIslington @MPSRajKohli

Our Charity in Evening Standard
Islington and Camden charity inspiring youths away from crime
@MPSRajKohli @MPSIslington @MPSCamden @QCCA_ltd

Great bicycle maintenance sessions this year at @Acland_Burghley school. Youth Engagement Team helping young people learn new skills whilst forging good relationships with local police. @YESOutdoors

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